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  • Beniamino Forestiere
  • Born in Ercolano (Na), ITALY, on 13/10/48, he studied drums and percussion with the M ° Vittorio Buonuomo and the M ° Walter Scotti, and solfeggio, harmony and composition with the M ° Aldo Evangelisti at the Liceo Musicale in Naples, and subsequently percussion instruments at the Conservatory of Music San Pietro a Majella in Naples, where he graduated in 1975 under the guidance of M ° Antonio Buonomo. He has been intensely active as a percussionist since 1971 to 1978 both at the Teatro di San Carlo Orchestra and the A. Scarlatti Orchestra of the Rai of Naples, and in other orchestral formations, collaborating with important conductors such as Ottavio Ziino, James Conlon, Kazuhiro Koizumi, Lucas Foss, Franco Caracciolo, Franco Mannino, James Lockhart, Oliviero De Fabritiis, Carlo Frajese, Ugo Rapalo. He was a permanent member of the ensemble “Tempo di Percussione ” formed by the percussive staff of the Teatro di San Carlo in Naples directed by Antonio Buonomo performing tours and recordings, and has collaborated with the Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare and with the M ° Roberto De Simone performing multimedia shows with participation in the 1976 Festival dei due Mondi in Spoleto, tours in major theaters Italians, and recordings.
  • He plays in various chamber ensembles, of various musical genres, and forms the trio Suoni ed Espressioni. In 1977 he was second in the competition for timpanist in the Orchestra of the Teatro di San Carlo in Naples. From 1978 to 2017 he held the chair of Percussion Instruments at the N. Piccinni Conservatory of Music in Bari. as a soloist from 1979 to 1992 with the Symphony Orchestra of the Province of Bari and with the Orchestra of the Petruzzelli Theater, under the direction of important conductors such as Daniel Oren, Reynald Giovaninetti, Luciano Berio, Piero Bellugi, Fernando Previtali, Massimo Pradella, Alberto Zedda, Kurt W öss, Carlo Franci, Gabriele Ferro, Gunter Neuhold, Pierluigi Urbini, Jean Paul Penin, Samuel Friedman, Michele Marvulli, Donato Renzetti, Martin Turnowsky, Nino Bonavolont à, Ennio Morricone, Carlo Savina, and others.
  • He carries out intense activity as a percussionist as a soloist and in multiple formations, collaborating with various institutions including the Puglia Region - Department of Culture, Piccinni Foundation, Collegium Musicum, and with musicians and composers from different backgrounds including R. Gervasio, C. Franci, P. Lepore, P. Minafra, B. Tommaso, R. Marrone, A. Ruggiero, D. Viterbo, A. Parisi, G. Goffredo, participating in important Time Zone reviews, Jazz Festival di Noci, Festival Castello, Fasano Jazz and making various recordings.
  • A constant commitment he carries out in the field of music for solo percussion; from 1980 onwards, he created various formations of the 'I Percussionisti di Bari ' ensemble, spreading the vast repertoire for percussion only, performing edited and unpublished music. He founded the duo Off-Limits (1999) and the recent Matrix Percussion Ensemble (2003) formed by eight percussionists.
  • In 1991 he gave the vital impulse to the creation and execution of the multimedia performance 'Percussive Man ' making the music together to the percussionist and composer Luigi Morleo, and with the scenographic contribution of the sculptor and artist Michele Dipinto, obtaining considerable consent from the public and critics.
  • From 1993 to 1997 he was part of the ministerial commission for the national ranking of aspiring teachers of percussion instruments in music conservatories.
  • He has always given a particular commitment to marimba, studying new didactic solutions, new ways of studying, new techniques, and writing texts and pieces of new conception; recently (2004) he composed and recorded “6 Pieces for Marimba 5.0 ”, and in 2005 he published the CD Marimba Classical which contains his transcriptions for marimba of pieces by Bach, Vivaldi, Grieg, di Lasso, Byrd, Hummel, Schumann, Tarrega . He plays a Malletech 5.0 Imperial Grand marimba.
  • In October 2003 as part of the '6e journ ées de la percussion ' held in the Conservatoire Superior de Paris, he participated in the master classes of the following marimbists: Momoko Kamiya, Mark Ford, Nancy Zeltsman , Leigh Howard Stevens, Keiko Abe, She-e Wu.
  • He has published for the Berben music publishing house of Ancona, the Papageno and the Tabla of Bari over 40 works concerning didactic works and compositions for Timpani, Marimba, Vibraphone, Xylophone, Tamburo, Drums, Percussion Ensemble and Solo Percussion.In the context of the Conservatory and institute projects, he realizes 6 editions of “Laboratorio di Percussione”, “The Days of Percussion (2005-06) ” and an “International Drum Competition (2006) ”.
  • From 2004 to 2017, he also carried out additional teaching assignments in the 1st and 2nd level courses covering 7 types of subjects. uro and a specific knowledge of rhythm in the training of the percussionist in general, leads him to hold seminars on “rudiments ” and its applications on drums. Currently he carries out an intense research on the historical drum repertoire from 1400 up to the present time.
  • Finally, in about 40 years of teaching at the Bari Conservatory, he has trained three generations of percussionists, graduating over 40 students, many of whom are renowned soloists and teachers international.

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